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Neng-qin JIA


The electrochemical activity of multi-walled carbon nanotubes(MWNTs) with different sizes,including four different MWNTs with the same length and different diameter,two different MWNTs with the same diameter and different length has been assessed and compared.The various MWNTs modified electrodes were prepared by immobilizing the suitable amount of MWNTs onto a glassy carbon electrode,and their voltammetric responses to ferricyanide,uric acid and dopamine were examined.The corresponding cyclic voltammetric data was showed that the electrochemical and electrocatalytic activities are depended on the nanotube length.The electrochemical reactivity of short MWNT(S-MWNT) is better than that of long MWNT(L-MWNT),which may be mainly attributed to the existence of the more open ends of the S-MCNT relative to L-MWNT.


MCNTs, size effect, electrochemical reactivity, Uric acid, dopamine

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