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The Ru-Ir /Ti electrode as cathode to electrolysis the synthetic phenolic wastewater was studied.The effect of the initial chloride concentration on the electrolytic treatment result has been discussed.Experiment result shows that the electrochemical oxidation of phenol suits to one kinetics equation in given electrolytic time.If the initial chloride concentration in wastewater increases,the time of the electrochemical oxidation of phenol can be shorten,in other words the apparent rate constant is greater.the middle matters of electrochemical oxidation of phenol in the chloride system detected out by HPLC and GC-MS is mainly 1-chloro-phenol,4-chloro-phenol,2,4-dichloro-phenol,2,6-dichloro-phenol,2,4,6-trichloro-phenol,all kinds of chlorohydrin,small aliphatic acid,and so on.The final production is mainly CO2 、CHCl2 and CHCl3 et al.The forming rate and the degradation rate of the middle matters increase with the increasing of the initial concentration of the chloride in the wastewater.the electrochemical oxidation way of phenol in the chloride system is deduced according to the above result.


electrochemical oxidation, phenol, chloride ion, degradation way

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