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Jing-yong DU


Diamond-like carbon(DLC) films were deposited on stainless steel substrates at atmospheric pressure and low temperature(60 ℃) by electrolysis in a methanol solution with a pulseddirect current power supply.The morphology and microstructure of the resulting DLC films were analyzed using atomic force microscopy(AFM)、scanning electron microscopy(SEM)、Raman spectroscopy and Fourier transformation infrared spectrometry(FTIR).The experimental results show that the hydrogenated diamond-like carbon filmsare smooth and compact.Raman spectroscopy analysis confirmed the presence of a strongpeak at 1 332.51 cm-1,which is assigned to crystalline diamond.The deposition rate can be enhanced to 0.5 μm/h by adding hydrogenous organic solutions.


electrochemical deposition, diamond-like carbon films, Raman spectrometry, FTIR

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