A new approach to construct an ampermetric biosensor was described.The 4,4-bis(methanethiol)biphenyl(MTP)is adsorbed on to a bare gold electrode to make self-assembled monolayers(MTP/Au SAMs).Then electrodeposited 2mg/mL HAuCl4 at-200 mV,NG/MTP/Au electrode was prepared.When a differential pulse voltammetric(DPV)technique was used,the peak separation between DA and AA is 155 mV.Hence,the selective determination of dopamine(DA)and ascorbate(AA)in the binary mixture system can be performed.Under the chosen conditions,the peak currents are correspondent linearly to the concentrations of DA and AA in the range of 5.0×10-7~1×10-4 mol·L-1 and 3.5×10-6~1.0×10-3mol·L-1,respectively.The correlation coefficients were 0.998.The detection limit were 1.5×10-7 mol·L-1 and 1.2×10-6 mol·L-1for DA and AA.


dopamine, ascorbate, gold nanpoarticle, MTP, DPV

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