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Xue-ming LI(xuemingli@cqu.edu.cn)


Corrosion of steel wire in cables is a major cause of cable-stayed bridge deterioration.The corrosion behavior of galvanized steel wire at different tension is investigated by polarization voltammetry method and neutral salt spray test in 5%NaCl solution.The physical and chemical properties of corrosion products are characterized by XRD and TG-DTA.The result shows that the corrosion current or corrosion rate of galvanized steel wire is larger with increasing the tension,the white rust of galvanized steel wires at different tension appears within one cycle,the red rust appears after 16 cycles at 15~22kN tension,and 23 cycles at 0,10kN tension,and its corrosion products mainly consist of Zn5Cl2(OH)8·H2O、Zn4(CO3)(OH)6·H2O and ZnO.


cable-stayed bridge, cables, steel wire, corrosion behavior

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