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Sheng SUI(ssui@sjtu.edu.cn)


The PtRuIr/TiC electrocatalysts were prepared by method of reduction and deposition on TiC powders as supports together with ultrasonic wave dispersion.The sampls were characterized by BET surface area,scanning electron microscope,X-ray diffraction,and cyclic voltammetry techniques.The active components of Pt,Ru,and Ir particles(2.6%Pt,1.3%Ru,16%Ir,and 80%TiC,by mass) were mainly dispersed on the outer surface of the TiC supports,which structures were in favor of fine variable crystallites.It was found that the electrochemical performance of the PtRuIr/TiC electrodes was about three times as that of the unsupported electrocatalysts with the same active compositions for oxygen evolution reaction.After 120 times of CV cycles,there was almost no PtRuIr/TiC dissolving in the electrolyte solution.The experimental results confirmed that the PtRuIr/TiC electrodes had good electrocatalysis activity and electrochemical stability.


support, oxygen electrode, supported electrocatalyst, oxygen evolution reaction

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