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Jing-mao ZHAO


The electrochemical method and atomic force microscope(AFM) were applied to study the inhibition mechanism of Im-D,an imidazoline derivate inhibitor,for mild steel in CO2 saturated solution.The imidazoline derivate can inhibit effectively CO2 corrosion,make the steel surface smoother and belongs to the anodic controlled mixed-type inhibitor.Its adsorption on the surface of mild steel is a spontaneous and exothermic process accompanied by the decrease of entropy and follows the Langmuir adsorption isothermal equation.The lower temperature will facilitate the process.The changes in the apparent activation energy(Ea) and the pre-exponential factor(A) of the corrosion reaction before and after the addition of inhibitor were also discussed.


CO2 corrosion, inhibitor, imidazoline derivate, AFM, Langmiur adsorption

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