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Qian XU


The electro-chemical oxidation kinetics for V(IV) in the sulfuric acid solution were investigated by cyclic voltammetry and steady state polarization curves at a graphite,platinum or conducting polymer electrode.Some kinetics parameters for the electrochemical reaction of V(IV) were calculated according to the Tafel curves.The results showed that the exchange current density and reversibility of V(V)/V(IV) redox reaction at the graphite electrode is largest among the three electrodes.There is the broadest extent of water stability and large oxidgen evolution potential when the conducting polymer was used as a working electrode in the solution of VOSO4(0.5 mol/L) and H2SO4(2 mol/L),while it is easy to evolve hydrogen at a platinum electrode in the same solution.


vanadium redox flow battery, cyclic voltammetry, Tafel curves

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