When condensers with carbon steel waterbox and titanium tube structure were protected by SACP in an ocean beach power plant,while seawater were used to be cooling water,carbon steel was under-protected and Titanium was over-protected,because their protective potential are less than-0.85V(vs.SCE) and more than-0.75V(vs.SCE) separately.In order to optimize the SACP design,potential distribution of two materials must be obtained during the SACP process.In the lab,carbon steel waterbox and Titanium tube model(Q235-Ti model) were set up.A series of electrochemical techniques(steady polarization,galvanostatic charge technique)were used to obtain reasonable boundary condition and surface form of two materials during the SACP process.The experiments were carried out to validate 3-D potential distribution under one anode SACP condition by finite element method(FEM).The calculation results were consistent with measuring results.The results can be used to provide a theoretical foundation to design an optimal cathodic protection.


condenser, cathodic protection, FEM, potential distribution

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