The voltammetric behavior of herring sperm DNA at glassy carbon electrode and its interaction with histone have been investigated by using cyclic voltammetry,differential pulse voltammetry,and fluorescence measurement.In the potential range of 0.20 V to 1.25 V,it is found that an irreversible oxidative peak is exhibited in acid solution,but in the neutral or alkaline solution two oxidative peaks are observed.Oxidative peak potential values show a negative shift with increasing pH via a slope of-57 mV·pH-1 and a linear relation with DNA concentration in the range of 0.45 to 8.20 mmol·L-1.In the presence of histone,the oxidative peak current of DNA and the fluorescence intensity of interactive product between a ruthenium complex and DNA are found to have an obvious decrease and the oxidative potentials show a positive shift.Moreover,the experimental results suggest that the DNA damage is weakened based on its binding interaction with histone.


herring sperm DNA, electrochemical oxidation, histone, interaction

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