The electro-oxidation of methanol in alkaline electrolyte at in-house synthesized PdNiO/C and Pd/C catalysts and the effect of heat treatment on the structure and performance of catalysts were studied by cyclic voltammetry,chronoamperometry,chronopotentiometry and X-ray diffraction methods.It is shown that when the reduction temperature is 70℃ and the ratio between Pd and Ni is 8∶2,The PdNiO/C catalyst presents a highest activity for methanol electrooxidation.Calcining can increase the particle size and crystallinity of catalysts,but decrease the dispersion and activity of catalysts, too.Besides,the NiO is disengaged from Pd lattice by heat-treatment.The optimal PdNiO/C catalyst shows higher catalytic activity and much better poisoning resistance than the Pd/C catalyst.


methanol, alkaline, fuel cell, PdNiO, electrooxidation

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