The polarization curves of zinc alloy anodes in Ca(OH)2 solutions have been measured by potentiodynamic method,and the composition of corrosion products were examined by X-ray-diffraction(XRD).The experimental results indicated that not only the electrochemical behavior of zinc alloy anodes were absolutely different in every alkaline solutions,but also many electrochemical parameters were determined,such as zero current potential(E0),the density of corrosion current(icorr),passive current density(ip),breakdown potential(Eb),and so on.There were three zero current potential when zinc alloy anodes in some Ca(OH)2 solutions which made passive state unstable.The graphs of E-pH about zinc alloy anodes dipped in different Ca(OH)2 solutions were drawn,and compared with the potential-pH chart for Zn-H2O system.


zinc, activation, passivation, pH, Ca(OH)2 solutions, corrosion products

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