The MnO2 prepared by solid phase method is treated by KCl-NaCl-LiCl molten salt system.The XRD patterns indicated that the crystal structures of MnO2 sample have had the α-MnO2 and γ-MnO2 phase,the crystallinity of sample is increased after treated by molten salt.The electrochemical properties were tested by cyclic voltammetry,constant current charge/discharge and AC impedance.The result shows that the supercapacitor performance of the treated material has improved.The specific discharge capacitance of the treated sample are 129.07 F·g-1,increased by 27.88% compared to 100.94 F·g-1 of untreated sample.Long cycle life and high coulombic efficiency were also demonstrated after charge/discharge 100 cycles.The value of RESR and RE are 0.28 Ω and 0.54 Ω respectively after treated.


supercapacitor, molten salt, MnO2, cyclic voltammograms, constant current charge/discharge, AC impedance

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