A novel carbon paste electrode(CPE) modified with MnO2 and glucose oxidase(GOx),is reported.Different factors,such as the effect of supporting electrolyte,pH of solutions,various paste glues,the amount of MnO2 and temperature,which may influence the determination of H2O2 and glucose were tested to optimize.Based on above,potentiometric determination of glucose was achieved in neutral solution and at 35 ℃,the electrode gave a response of 36.12~34.62 mV/pGlucose between 2.0×10-5mol·L-1 and 5.2×10-3 mol·L-1 with a detection limit of 3.3×10-6 mol·L-1.Moreover,this kind of the electrode had good stability and reproducibility.Most normal anion,cation,isotol,glycerin and amide will not interfere the determination of glucose.


MnO2-GOx, carbon paste electrode, glucose, potentiometric response

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