Two kinds of the cobalt oxyhydroxide conductive networks in foam nickel electrodes were prepared by different methods i.e.the electrochemical-oxidation(EO) and chemical-oxidation(CO) and which redox behaviors were studied by using cyclic voltammetry and X-ray diffraction measurements.The results show that the CoOOH(CO) has better redox reversibility than CoOOH(EO) and the structure of the former can be kept when nickel electrodes are subjected to a negative potential.Thus,98.7% capacity retention is demonstrated on nickel/metal-hydride batteries with CoOOH(CO) conductive network after being imposed over-discharge state storage;on the contrary,only 83.3% capacity retention is found on the batteries with CoOOH(EO) conductive network.


nickel/metal-hydride battery, foam nickel electrode, cobalt oxyhydroxide conductive network, oxidation method

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