The electrochemical behaviors of rutin(Rt) at glassy carbon electrode were studied by square wave stripping voltammeter in the presence of 0.1mol·L-1HAc-NaAc buffer solution(pH=3.0).The sensitive oxidation peak of rutin was observed and which potential peak is 0.46V(vs.SCE).The experimental parameters,such as pH value,deposition potential and deposition time were investigated and selected.The peak currents were proportional to the concentration of rutin in range of 5.0×10-8 mol·L-1~1.0×10-6mol·L-1,and the linear regression coefficient equaled 0.99799,the detection limit was 1.1×10-8 mol·L-1.This method was applied to the determination of rutin content in tablet with satisfactory results.


rutin, square wave stripping voltammeter, glassy carbon electrode, electroanalytical chemistry

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