Quantized capacitance charging was observed for the C12Au monolayer-protected clusters self-assembled on a gold electrode surface in CH2Cl2 solution at room temperature.The result from differential pulse voltammetry(DPV) of C12Au MPC with average core diameter of 2.0 nm showed that which appear nine entries well-defined quantized capacitance charging peaks within the potential range of-0.6 to +0.6 V.The change trend of MPC double-layer capacitances(CMPC) was that the value of CMPC was smallest near zero charge potential and increased with potential positive or negative transfer.In addition,the effect of Au core size on quantized capacitance charging of C12Au MPC was studied.The results showed that the value of CMPC increased with increasing Au core size.


self-assembling of gold nanoparticles, quantized capacitance charging, Au core size, coulomb staircase

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