Ordered porous titanium phosphate materials were prepared by using the surfactant template combined with the sol-gel method.The samples were characterized by small angle X-ray diffraction(SA-XRD) method,N2 adsorption/desorption techniques,high resolution transmission electron microscopy(HRTEM) and element analysis.It is found that the calcination temperature is a big influence on the porous structure,and electrochemical performance of the titanium phosphate materials.,and the mesoporous titanium phosphate showed good performance in the electrochemical test,the first discharge capacity is 94 mAh/g at the current density of 150 mA/g.On the other hand,the no porous material with a low capacity of 37 mAh/g under the same charge-discharge condition.


ordered mesoporous, titanium phosphate, cathode material, electrochemical performance, lithium ion battery

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