In this work,the V2O5 cathode and graphite anode were assembled into non-symmetric electrochemical capacitors using 1.0 mol/L LiClO4 /(EC + DMC),1.0 mol/L LiPF6 /(EC + DEC + DMC),and 1.6mol/L Et4NBF4/AN as electrolyte,respectively.Charging and discharging tests,Cyclic Voltammetry and AC impedance methods were used to investigate the performance of the non-symmetric electrochemical capacitors.The results showed that the electrolyte 1.0 mol/L LiClO4/(EC+DMC)displayed better cycling performance and less resistance.At the current density of 500 mA/g,its specific energy reached 8.4 Wh/kg and the charge-discharge efficiency was 98%.


electrochemical capacitor, metal oxide, V2O5, compound capacitor

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