In this paper,the preparation,characterization,and ethanol electrocatalytic oxidation of Pt0.5Ru0.5/C and Pt0.5Ru0.15Sn0.35/C electrocatalysts were reported.The electroless-deposition with sensitization-activation pretreatment was applied to prepare Pt0.5Ru0.5/C and Pt0.5Ru0.15Sn0.35/C electrocatalysts. The XRD and TEM analyses showed that the as-prepared catalysts were composed of well-dispersed PtRu or PtRuSn nanoparticles with an average particle size of about 3 nm.The electrochemical measurements demonstrated that the as-prepared Pt0.5Ru0.5/C and Pt0.5Ru0.15Sn0.35/C catalysts exhibited much enhanced peak current density for ethanol electrooxidation as compared to that synthesized without pretreatment.This result revealed that the pretreatment is favorable to the dispersion,size distribution and alloy degree of the nanocatalysts on the carbon support.In particular,the peak current density of ethanol oxidation on Pt0.5Ru0.15Sn0.35/C was nearly twice larger than that of Pt0.5Ru0.5/C,indicating their potential application in DEFC with a synergic effect of Ru and Sn.


electroless-deposition, DEFC, PtRu/C catalyst, PtRuSn/C catalyst

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