In this paper,it is reported for the first time that the electrocatalytic activities of the carbon supported Au(Au/C),carbon supported Ir(Ir/C) and the carbon supported Au-Ir(Au-Ir/C) catalysts prepared in the aqueous solution with tetrahydrofuran(THF) for the oxidation of formic acid and for the oxygen reduction were compared.It was found that all three catalysts showed no electrocatalytic activity for the oxidation of formic acid,but the electrocatalytic activity of the Au-Ir/C catalyst for oxygen reduction was much better than those of Au/C and Ir/C.Thus,the Au-Ir/C catalyst is suitable to be used as the cathodic catalyst in Direct formic acid fuel cell(DFAFC).


direct formic acid fuel cell, Au, Ir, carbon supported Au-Ir catalyst, oxygen reduction

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