The multi-wall carbon nanotubes(MWNT) were dispersed successfully into water in the presence of dihexadecyl hydrogen phosphate(DHP) and a stable well-distributed suspension.A was formed sensor based on the multi-carbon nanotubes film coated glassy carbon electrode was developed.The electrochemical response of salbutamol was studied by square wave voltammetry.The oxidation peak potential of salbutamol at the modified electrode was observed at 0.604 V,which shifted about 40 mV negatively.The peak current increased 4.5 folds,in contrast to that at a bare electrode.Under optimal measurement conditions,there was a good linear relationship between the peak current(Ipa) and salbutamol concentration(C) in the range from 8.3 × 1 0-7~ 3.3 ×10-6 mol/L,and a detection limit of 1.8× 1 0-7 mol/L(S/N=3) was achieved after 2 min of open-circuit accumulation.The performance of this sensor was excelled in the reproducibility and stability.The electro-oxidation of salbutamol was a one-electron and one-proton irreversible process,and the probable electrode reaction was proposed.


carbon nanotubes, modified electrode, salbutamol, electro-catalysis

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