Microcrystals of metallic copper were electrochemically deposited onto the surface of porous silicon films in the aqueous electrolyte of copper(II) chloride.The microstructures of electrochemically deposited copper microcrystals on the porous silicon films were characterized by using scanning electron microscopy.The results have demonstrated that both center-hollowed and center-solid equilateral triangles in the sizes of several micrometers can be formed on the smooth bed of copper microcrystals.As the deposition duration increased from 0 to 28 hours,the fractal dimensions of the porous silicon was decreased from 2.608 to 2.252,suggesting that the electrochemical deposition can smooth the rough surface of porous silicon films.Compared to the physically deposited metallic films on porous silicon,the electrochemically deposited ones have larger mechanical strength and better electrical conductivity.


electrochemical deposition, porous silicon, microcrystal, nanostructured materials, fractal dimension

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