The Pd-Ir/Ni electrodes were prepared by electrodeposition of Pd and Ir on the porous nickel foam surface.The structure,composition and state of the Pd-Ir catalyst were analyzed using SEM and XPS.The catalytic performance of Pd-Ir/Ni for H2O2 electroveduction at different concentrations of H2O2 were investigated.A limiting current density of 318 mA/cm2 was obtained with 0.4 mol/L H2O2.The aluminum-hydrogen peroxide semi-fuel cells using different aluminum alloys as anode and Pd-Ir/Ni as cathode were assembled and tested.It was found that the fuel cell with aluminum-manganese alloy anode demonstrated a maximum power density of 198mW/cm2 at 234mA/cm2.


hydrogen peroxide, Pd-Ir catalyst, electrodeposition, metal semi-fuel cell

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