Hemoglobin(Hb) has been immobilized on a glassy carbon electrode(GCE) surface with konjac glucomannan(KGM) and room temperature ionic liquid(RTIL).And which electrochemical behaviors have been investigated by cyclic voltammetry.The results shown that the entrapped Hemoglobin undergoes fast direct electron transfer reactions with formal potential of-0.38V(vs.SCE) and the E0' is linearly dependent on solution pH with a slope value of 51 mV/pH,due to the electron transfer of HbFe3+/HbFe2+ redox couple companied with a proton transfer.The electrocatalytic reduction of oxygen was also explored at the Hb-KGM/RTIL/Nafion/ GC electrode.


ionic liquid, konjac glucomannan(KGM), hemoglobin, electrocatalysis

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