The nano TiO2 film was prepared by sol-gel process and characterized with X-ray diffraction(XRD) and scanning electron microscope(SEM).It was found that the average size of pore diameter was about 80 nm for the nano TiO2 film.The Nano Na2SiF6 was synthesized by electrochemical deposition on the nanoporous film electrode and characterized with XRD and transmission electron microscope(TEM).The result showed that the average size of nanoparticle was 20 nm for the nano Na2SiF6.The fluorescence property of nano Na2SiF6 was also studied briefly.The result indicated that the nano Na2SiF6 exhibited strong fluorescence emission at 452.4 nm and 285 nm,respectively.


nanoparticle of Na2SiF6, nanoporous TiO2 film electrode, electrochemical deposition, characterization, fluorescence property

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