Polyaluminum chloride(PAC) was prepared by electrochemical process coupled with magnetic field paralleling to the gravitation direction.The electrolyte of 0.1 M AlCl3 solution was used,with the iron plates as cathode and aluminum sheets as anode.PAC of 0.6 M total aluminum(AlT),83.2% Alb to AlT and basicity(Ba)=2.4 was synthesized when magnetic flux density was 0.4T,the distance of electrodes was 15 mm,the voltage of electrolysis cell was 2.4 V and current density was 300 A/m2.Under above experimental conditions,the voltage efficiency,energy efficiency and electrodes surface area to reduction cells of electrochemical reactor were 85.2%,81.5% and 140.1m2/m3,respectively.The polarization curves determined by constant-current method showed that the presence of magnetic flux density had prohibited the electrodes from polarization and increased the matter dissolution rate of the electrodes which was strengthened with the increased intensity of magnetic field.


magnetic field, electrochemistry, polyaluminum chloride(PAC), polarization prohibition

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