The effects of copper sulfate concentration in the plating solution on the composition,the structure and the anticorrosion properties of Ni-Cu-P deposited coating were studied by EPMA、XRD and polarization curves.The anticorrosion properties of Ni-Cu-P deposited coating was optimal as the copper sulfate concentration in the plating solution was 0.5 g·L-1.The electrochemical anticorrosion properties of Ni-Cu-P,Ni-P deposited coatings and copper plates were investigated in the gas condensate.The self-corrosion potential of Ni-Cu-P deposited coatings was low,the self-corrosion current density was small,and the electrochemical impedance was the highest.Therefore,the electroless Ni-Cu-P coatings can be used as anticorrosion cover and anodic sacrificial protective coatings of copper condensing exchanger.It could protect copper tubes from being corroded and perforated,so it could increase the effective life of copper condensing exchanger.


condensing exchanger, electroless plating, Ni-Cu-P, anticorrosion properties, EIS

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