The sub-micronmeteric Li4Ti5O12 powder material was successfully prepared through an improved solid-state synthesis process.The results of X-ray diffraction(XRD),scanning electron microscopy(SEM) and laser particle size distribution analysis showed that only a single spinel phase and a normal distribution pattern with the average size(D50) of 0.886μm could be observed.Due to the suitable partical size distribution,the Li4Ti5O12 powders showed a promising electrochemical performance.At the discharge current densities of 0.1C(16.5 mAh/g) and 5C,the discharge capacities reached 165 mAh/g and 107 mAh/g,respectively.Even at 10C,it still reached 54 mAh/g.


lithium titanate, solid-state synthesis method, sub-micronmeter, high rate performance

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