The anode coatings of Ru-Ir-Sn oxide with different Ru/Sn ratios were prepared by sol-gel method.The influences of Ru/Sn ratio on properties of anode coatings were studied by scanning electron microscope(SEM),energy dispersive X-ray detector(EDX),X-ray diffraction(XRD).The potential of chlorine evolution,current efficiency,accelerated life,cyclic vohammetry and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy(EIS) tests were carried out.The results showed that there was an obvious effect of Ru/Sn ratio on the morphology of the coatings.The cyclic voltammogram,double layer capacitances and accelerated life of anode coatings had a tendency to fall down firstly then increased as the Ru% increased,the current effency and potential of chlorine evolution had a tendency to decreased firstly then increased as the Ru% increased.


oxide anode coatings, mol ratio of Ru∶Sn, sol-gel

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