This paper presented a method of hydrogen generation from sodium borohydride solution for fuel cells.The Ru-Ni foam catalyst which was prepared by chemical plating showed strong activity and stability.The pretreatment of Ni foam before chemical plating was very important for the catalyst's strong activity and stability.This easy-to-prepared catalyst exhibited a good activity after being used several times.The effects of NaBH4 concentration,temperature and used times on the hydrogen generation rate were investigated.The results showed that the rate was remarkablely increased with the temperature rising and the rate increased more than ten times when the temperature of reaction rised from 15 ℃ to 60 ℃.In the view-point of practical application,the NaBH4 concentration of 15%~20% kept relatively high rate of hydrogen generation and relatively high hydrogen storage efficiency.The rate could reach to 0.784 mL·s-1 with every gram catalyst of 3% Ru loading when the NaBH4 concentration was 20% and the NaOH concentration was 3% at 23.5 ℃.


NaBH4, hydrogen generation, Ru loading catalyst, generator, fuel cells

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