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Wei-shan LI(liwsh@scnu.edu.cn)


Three composite electrodes of platinum with hydrogen tungsten bronze(HxWO3)were prepared by voltammetry: hydrogen tungsten bronze deposited on platinum(HxWO3/Pt);platinum deposited on hydrogen tungsten bronze(Pt/HxWO3) and codeposited platinum and hydrogen tungsten bronze(Pt-HxWO3).The eletro-catalytic activities of three electrodes toward oxygen reduction reaction were studied.It is found that the catalytic activity of platinum can be improved by introducing with hydrogen tungsten bronze.Among these composite electrodes Pt/HxWO3,and the electrode shows the best eletro-catalytic activity toward oxygen reduction reaction,hence,provides a new way for reducing loading of noble metal in the application for fuel cell.


oxygen reduction, catalysis, hydrogen tungsten bronze, platinum, composite

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