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Wei WANG(wangv@dhu.edu.cn)


After the pretreatment of nylon fabric by functional chitosan,the self-assembly technique was used in the process of activation before electroless plating to produce the CS-Pd membrane.The nanosized palladium particles with nanoscal have large relative surface and high catalyzed activity.Electromagnetic wave shielding fabric was prepared by electroless plating of Ni-P alloy with the activated fabric.The optimal process condition of CS finishing was given with the orthogonal and single factor experiments.The variation of fabric surface structure was characterized by SPM,SEM.Based on the Schelkunoff theory.The electromagnetic shielding effectiveness comes above 30 dB,which corresponds to shielding 96.0 percent of the electromagnetic wave or more.


self-assembly, electromagnetic shielding fabric, electroless plating, shielding effectiveness

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