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Xiao-Ying HE


The electrochemical behavior of paracetamol(PCT) was studied at glassy carbon electrode activated by cyclic voltammetry.In HAc-NaAc buffer solution(pH=4.00),a couple of sensitive redox peaks were recorded about 0.54 V in the cyclic voltammograms.The result indicated that the process was controlled by adsorption and nearly reversible.The reaction electron and proton numbers were estimated,respectively,to be two.Excllent linearity was observed in the correlation between the oxidation peak current and the concentration of PCT in the range of 8.00×10-6~2.00×10-4 mol·L-1.The correlative coefficient was-0.999 18.The detection limit was 6.34×10-6 mol·L-1.This method can be used for the determination of PCT real samples.


paracetamol, activation, glassy carbon electrode, cyclic voltammetry

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