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Ya-wen TANG


The Ir/C catalyst with 30%(by mass) Ir was prepared in the CH3CH2OH and H2O binary system.The X-ray diffraction(XRD) data showed that the average sizes of the Ir particles in the Ir/C catalyst was about 2.2 nm.The results of the electrochemical measurements indicated that the electrocatalytic activity of the Ir/C catalyst for the ammonia oxidation in the neutral NaClO4 solution was similar to the Ir catalyst,while electrocatalytic stability was much better than that of the Ir catalyst.Furthermore,the peak current density of the ammonia oxidation at the Ir/C catalyst electrode showed a good linear relationship with the ammonia concentration,illustrating that the Ir/C catalyst would have a good application prospect in the potential fixed electrolytic type ammonia sensor.


Ir/C catalyst, ammonia oxidation, electrocatalytic stability

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