The protic ionic liquid(PIL) α-methyl pyridinium trifluoroacetate([α-MPyH]Tfa) was synthesized by acid & alkali neutralization.Then PIL/PVDF-HFP composite membranes were prepared by means of phase inversion method using acetone as solvent.The conductivities of the composite membrane increased with the temperature and reached 8×10-3 S/cm,1×10-2 S/cm and 3×10-2 S/cm at room-temperature,30 ℃ and 80 ℃,respectively,by electrochemical impedance method.The properties of the methanol-rejecting of the membranes were measured by chronoamperometry as well.The results indicate that the properties of methanol-resistance of the membranes before and after IL combination were equivalent approximately.


DMFC, protic ionic liquid, PVDF-HFP, conductivity, methanol-resistance

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