The cathode material of Li1.1Co0.02La0.01Mn2O4 was successfully synthesized by the method of co-precipitation followed by a solid state reaction.In the sintering temperature range of 700~850 ℃,X-ray diffraction(XRD) results showed a single phase of each material and the increase of crystallization degree,and scanning electron microscopic(SEM) images indicated that the particle size increased and the specific surface area decreased,respectively,with increasing the sintering temperature.Due to its lower polarization resistance,the Co and La co-doped lithium-rich lithium manganate(sintered at 800 ℃) positive electrodes showed the most promising electrochemical performance.The capacity retention after 50 cycles reached 98.5%.


lithium-ion battery, LiMn2O4, co-doped, La-doped, electrochemical performance

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