The FeCl3 modified clay electrode was made.The electrochemical behavior of carbendazim(BCM) on the modified electrode was studied by cyclic voltammetry.The impacts of pH,scan rate and dosages of modifier were discussed and the important kinetic parameters of the electrochemical process were determined.The results indicated that the process was controlled by diffusion.The effective area of FeMM-CMC/GCE(A)=0.027 cm2,the transfer electron numbers(n)=2 and the diffusion coefficient(D)=5.115×10-6cm2/s.Under the optimized conditions,a good linearity was found between the first order derivative of peak current and concentration of BCM in the range of 2.00×10-5~8.00×10-4mol/L,with i′p=-8.045×10-7-0.0237c,correlation coefficient R=-0.9965,and the detect limitation of 2.41×10-6 mol/L.The recovery of BCM was detected with linear sweep voltammetry(LSV) were between 95.73% and 104.0%.


carbendazim, montmorillonite, electrochemical behavior, cyclic voltammetry

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