Mesoporous carbon for supercapacitors was prepared from sucrose using nano-CaCO3 as template.The microstructure of the carbon was characterized with N2 adsorption and transmission electron microscopy(TEM) observation.The electrochemical performances were evaluated in 6mol·L-1 KOH aqueous electrolyte with galvanostatic charge/discharge,cyclic voltammetry,and ac impedance spectroscopy.The sucrose-based mesoporous carbon had a surface area of 606 m2/g and enriched mesopores in the range of 10~30 nm.The mesoporous carbon presented a specific capacitance of 125 F/g at a current density of 50 mA/g and outstanding excellent rate performance.As the current density increased to 20 000 mA/g,its capacitance remained at 88 F/g,much higher than the commercial capacitive carbon,indicating that the mesoporous carbon is a promising electrode material for high power supercapacitors.


supercapacitor, mesoporous carbon, rate performance

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