The LiBPON thin-film electrolyte was prepared by magnetron sputtering,and the relationship between the performance and the deposition condition was investigated.As seen in the SEM images,the thin films are dense and uniform without cracks,and according to the XRD patterns they have an amorphous structure.The electrochemical performance of the electrolyte was characterized by electrochemical impedance spectroscopy(EIS).The ionic conductivities of the thin film decreased with the RF power,but increased with the N2 pressure.The an ionic conductivity of 3.5×10-6 S/cm at room temperature was found from the electrochemical measurement.While the deposition rate increased with the RF power,but decreased with the N2 pressure.Nitrogen incorporation can improve the electrochemical performance of the thin film electrolyte,which appears as a promising candidate electrolyte for solid state thin-film lithium batteries.


Thin film lithium battery, LiBPON, magnetron sputtering, thin film electrolyte

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