The NaV2O5 was prepared by a low temperature hydrothermal process.The material crystallized in the layered orthorhombic structure with space group Pmmn.X-ray diffraction confirmed that the material was pure and the scanning electron microscopy showed that the material was composed of needle crystals with 20 μm in length and 200 nm in width.X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy indicated the co-existence of V4+ and V5+ in the material,which results in an average V4.5+ oxidation state of the material.The observed Raman bands were ascribed to different V—O vibrations.The first specific capacity about 120 mAh/g between 3.5 V and 1.0 V with a voltage plateau at 2.0 V was obtained,and the specific capacity was still 98 mAh/g after 20 cycles,which shows the good electrochemical stability of the material.


NaV2O5, hydrothermal synthesis, XPS, electrochemical performance

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