AC impedance and polarization methods were used to study the inhibition effect of ATA and the complex of ATA and Na2WO4 for brass corrosion in 3% NaCl solution.The results indicated that ATA had inhibition effect for brass corrosion.ATA showed the best inhibition effect for brass corrosion at the ATA concentration of 7.5 mg·L-1,and the inhibition efficiency was 87.46%.At the ATA concentration of 7.5 mg·L-1 and at the Na2WO4 concentration of 0.15 mg·L-1,the complex showed optimum inhibition effect for brass corrosion,and also showed synergistic effect and the inhibition efficiency reached 91.82%.The complex of ATA and Na2WO4 was cathodic corrosion inhibitor.


brass, ATA, inhibitor, AC impedance

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