In order to improve the reaction activity of VO2+/VO2+ and the battery performance of Vanadium redox flow battery,different concentration of potassium sulfocyanates KSCN were added into 0.1mol/L VOSO4/ H2SO4 solution,and the kinetic characters of electrochemical reaction of VO2+/VO2+ was studied by CV and EIS.The results showed that the addition of KSCN could improve the oxidative peak current value of positive couple VO2+/VO2+ reaction,but had little influence in the reductive peak.The addition of KSCN decreased the impedance at 1.0 V.And the value of standard rate constant k0 was also improved with the concentration of KSCN increased.The total coulomb during the charge and discharge processes increased after the addition of KSCN,which means that the usage efficiency of active species in the VRB solution was improved.


vanadium-redox flow battery, positive couple, dynamic characters, KSCN, battery performance

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