Various Ti/IrRuSn,Ti/IrTa/IrRuSn and Ti/IrTaSn/IrRuSn oxide electrodes were prepared by sol-gel method.The surface morphology and microstructure were analysed with FESEM and XRD.The electrochemical activity and stability were investigated using electrochemical technologies including chlorine and oxygen evolving potential measurements,cyclic voltammetry,accelerated life test,and alternative electrolysis.The results indicate that the electrodes with interlayers present more cracks on the surface and a little bigger average grain size,with particles of different shapes precipitated in the cracks.The electroactive sites are increased and the selectivity for the chlorine evolving reaction is enhanced,but the current efficiency for the chlorine production is somewhat lowered by the addition of different interlayers.The stability characterised with accelerated life test and alternative electrolysis of Ti/IrTa/IrRuSn and Ti/IrTaSn/IrRuSn oxide electrodes is significantly higher than Ti/IrRuSn oxide electrode without interlayers.


composite electrode, seawater electrolysis, current efficiency, microstructure, stability

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