Effect of electrochemical behaviours on stress corrosion cracking(SCC) of UNS J91450 stainless steel in hydrogen sulfide environment was investigated using slow-strain-rate test(SSRT) and electchemial techniques.Results show that UNS J91540 stainless steel was susceptible to SCC in varying H2S solutions,and the SCC susceptibility reduced with the increase of pH value.The electrochemical property plays an important role in the SCC occurrence,as a combined effect of hydrogen embritlement and anodic dissolution at SCC cracktip at open circuit potential.In the solution with a lower pH the hydrogen revolution was intensive and the cracktip anodic dissolution was weaker,however,in the higher pH solution the reaction of hydrogen revoluting was less intensive and the cracktip anodic dissolution intensifie.Hydrogen embrittlement exhibited more important impact on SCC occurrence of UNS J91540 stainless steel.


UNS J91450 stainless steel, hydrogen sulphide, electrochemical property, stress corrosion cracking

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