Using ionic liquid [EMI]BF4 as the electrolyte,the electrocatalytic oxidation of glucose on carbon nanotubes/nanocrystlline TiO2 film loaded on Pt (CNT/nanoTiO2-Pt) complex film electrode was investigated by cyclic voltammetry. The results found that the CNT/nanoTiO2-Pt complex electrode had high catalytic activity to the electrochemical oxidation of glucose in ionic liquids and the oxidation potential was -0.46 V. The best effect of glucose oxidation was obtained with the volume ratio of ionic liquid to water being 3∶1. The process of electrodic reaction process was concentration polarization controlled.


glucose, electrocatalytic oxidation, ionic liquids, carbon nanotubes /nanoporous TiO2, complex electrode loaded Pt

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