The composite micro-porous polymer electrolyte (CMPE) of PVDF-HFP modified by meso-porous molecular sieves of MCM-48 was prepared by phase-inversion process. The ionic conductivity and Li+ transference number of the polymer electrolyte were raised,respectively,by 97%(from 0.89 mS/cm to 1.75 mS/cm) and 39%(from 0.57 to 0.79),when 4%(by mass) MCM-48 was added in. Meanwhile,the crystallinity and electrochemical stability of the polymer electrolyte had not been changed by the addition of MCM-48. The charge-discharge efficiency of the button cell assembled with the composite membrane (Li/4%MCM-48-CMPE/LiFePO4) was 91% in the first cycle,and no loss of capacity was found even after 30 cycles. The discharge capacity at 1C rate was 80% of that at 0.1C rate.


PVDF-HFP, MCM-48, composite micro-porous polymer electrolyte

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