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Shi-gang SUN(sgsun@xmu.edu.cn)


The property of an electrocatalyst depends strongly on its surface structure.The study of surface structure-catalytic functionality is the base of design and preparation of electrocatalysts of high activity,high stability and high selectivity at microstructure level.In this paper,based mainly on our results concering hydrogen and oxygen adsorption-desorption,ethylene glycol oxidation and CO2 reduction,the research progresses in tuning the surface structure and property of electrocatalysts are summarized.This paper overviews firstly the cyclic voltammetric characteristics,electrocatalytic properties of platinum single crystal planes lying on different crystallographic zones of the unit stereographic triangle of face-centered cubic(fcc) metals.Next,the innovation of electrochemical methods to control the surface structure and growth of metal nanocrystal is introduced.And finally,the synthesis and property of Pt and Fe nanocrystal catalysts of open surface structure with high catalytic activity and high stability are reviewed.


Pt, Fe, single crystal, open surface structure, electrocatalysts, shape and surface strueture controlled synthesis

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