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Zhi-cong SHI(zhicong@gdut.edu.cn)


The MnO2 microspheres were prepared through the oxidation of KMnO4 and MnCO3 microspheres precursor.The microstructure and supercapacitor properties of MnO2 were characterized by XRD,SEM and CV.The results show that MnO2 was in a poorly crystalline state with α-crystallographic form,the size of microspheres typically ranged from 0.5 to 2 μm.Loading 5 mg·cm-2 MnO2 microspheres had excellent capacitance behaviors in 2 mol·L-1(NH4)2SO4 solution.The specific capacitance was 135.6 F·g-1 with the scan rate at 2 mV·s-1,and 118.8 F·g-1 with the large scan rate at 100 mV/s.Coulumbic efficiency was still above 87.8% in the 500 cycles,and the specific capacitance of the 500th cycle was 110.5 F·g-1.


dioxide manganese, microsphere, cyclic voltammetry, supercapacitor, agglomerate

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