Corresponding Author

Gui-Ling WANG(wangguiling@hrbeu.edu.cn)


In this work,the electrocatalytic activities of MmNi3.2Al0.2Mn0.6Co1.0,NaOH treated MmNi3.2Al0.2Mn0.6Co1.0 and Au-MmNi3.2Al0.2Mn0.6Co1.0 obtained after NaOH treatment(Mm: misch metal) for NaBH4 oxidation were reported.The electrodes were prepared by electrodeposition,their morphologies were analysized by SEM,their electrocatalytic properties were studied by the linear sweeping test.It was found that the oxidation current density of the Au-MmNi3.2Al0.2Mn0.6Co1.0 was 60 mA·cm-2,it was 3.5 times higher than that at the MmNi3.2Al0.2Mn0.6Co1.0 electrode.In addition,the oxidation current density at the Au-MmNi3.2Al0.2Mn0.6Co1.0 electrode immersed in the electrolyte solution for 10 hours was 184 mA·cm-2.


direct borohydride fuel cell, hydrogen storage alloy, Au modified, electrochemical oxidation

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